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Iran Travel Advice

  While the shops offer a wide selection of quality goods, local items can be bought in the many bazaars. Purchases include hand-carved, inlaid woodwork, carpets, rugs, silks, leather goods, mats, tablecloths, gold, silver, glass, and ceramics. Bargaining is customary. There are restrictions on which items may be taken out of the country. Shopping hours: […]
YOUR GUIDE TO IRANIAN CUSTOMS Since ancient Silk Days, Iranians have been accustomed to having travellers as guests. Wherever you are, Iranians will come up to you and say “hello,” take pictures with you, and invite you to their home or even offer you a free guided tour of their hometown. Greet people of the […]
DRESS CODE IN IRAN FOR TOURISTS For Women Iran observes the Islamic dress code, which calls for women to cover their hair, neck and arms. This doesn’t mean you need to cover up your entire body with a chador (a black cloth that covers the whole body), you simply need to cover your head and hair with […]
  If you are approached by anyone who claims to be a policeman, ask to see their ID and request the presence of a uniformed officer or marked patrol car. Don’t hand over any documents or cash, or get into any vehicle. Avoid carrying large amounts of money and keep your passport safe. Pre-booked taxis […]

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