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Getting around


  • Available in all cities. The urban taxis (orange or blue) carry several passengers at a time and are much cheaper than the private taxis which only carry one person. Unofficial taxis should be avoided; use only legitimate taxis or those ordered through legitimate agencies.
  • Official shared local taxis or Savari, also ply the major roads of most cities. Recently the taxis are turning into yellow, also on busy routs there are green vans with a capacity of 11 passengers. They offer less fare for every passenger. They usually run straight lines between major squares and landmarks
  • Tehran has an extensive bus network and a modern metro system. Tehran has 6 underground rail lines.
  • RAJA Trains runs a comprehensive internal rail network. Major intercity trains operate on five main regional routes: Azerbaijan route (Tehran – Jolfa); Golestan route (Tehran – Gorgan); Hormozgan route (Tehran – Bandar-e-Abbas); Khorasan route (Tehran – Mashhad); and Khuzestan route (Tehran – Khorramshahr). There are many areas in the mountains and the desert which can only be reached by rail. There are some air-conditioned trains, and sleeping and dining cars on many trains.

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