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Travel Insurance

One thing we always recommend is that you carefully consider the purchase of travel insurance before you set out on your journey.
Valid travel insurance to Iran is essential for anyone trying to get an Iranian visa on arrival at any international airport.

The cost of travel insurance with coverage of 31 days is 12.00 Eur per person and it covers the expenses of the insured inside boundaries of Iran

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The Travel Insurance Covers:

Medical Expenses & Hospitalization abroad

Except for aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments or illnesses existed prior to the inception date of the policy deductible EUR 25 (except emergency cases, and hospitalization more than 24 Hours)

Limit: 10000 Euro

Loss of registered luggage

Benefits of this clause and previous one cannot be accumulated

Limit: 150 Euro

Loss of Passport, driving license, national identity card abroad

Limit: 200 Euro

Emergency return home

Following the death of a close family member or serious illnesses

Limit: Actual Expenses

Transport or Repatriation (in case of illness or accident)

In case of illness or accident

Limit: 5500 Euro

Emergency dental care

It is restricted to treatment of pain, infection, and removal of the tooth affected deductible: EUR 25

Limit: 200 Euro

Repatriation of mortal remains

Actual Expenses

Legal Assistance

Limit: 250 Euro

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