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Accommodation list

Razi Apartment Hotel Tehran

Razi Apartment Hotel

No 1019, Razi St, In front of Daneshjoo Park, Tehran

Razi Apartment Hotel in Tehran with easy access to particular sites in downtown.

Do you have kids? Do not worry about their costs. Because it is kid-friendly.

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel Tehran

Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

N 24, Forooghi Street, Pass Imam Khomeini Sq, Tehran

Four star Ferdowsi Grand Hotel located in Tehran (historic part) near to Imam Khomeini Square is a special suggestion to the guests in the capital of Iran.

Jey Negin Hotel Isfahan

Jey Negin Hotel

Next to Mellat Bank, Erison and Rajaei Y road, Jey St, Ahmad Abad Square,

Jey Negin hotel is a newly built hotel in the eastern part of magnificent Isfahan. The biggest hall in the city with the capacity of 1200 persons is at this hotel which is ready to host conferences and seminars.

Paradiso Hostel Tehran

Paradiso Hostel

Hostel Paradiso, No12, Eghrari Alley, 2nd St, Salehi St, Shokrolah st, N Kargar

Paradiso Hostel is located at the heart of Tehran, which is the best access point to all important destination of Tehran, yet the place unbelievably is cozy and quiet in the big busy city of Tehran which ease you to simply extend your stay

Homam Hotel Isfahan

Homam hotel

Upper floor of Sofeh Terminal , Hezar jarib Street , Darvazeh shiraz (Azadi Square), Isfahan

Two star Homam Hotel was built in 1998 and got renovated in 2010 to provide better hospitality services for the hotel's guests.

Marlik Hotel Tehran

Marlik Hotel

N 61, Corner of Sommayeh, South Mofatteh Avenue, Tehran

Marlik Hotel is one of the best top three star hotels of the capital. It's located in the central part of Tehran and guests have no trouble to attractions.

Kianpour Historical Lodge

Kianpour Historical Lodge

Gool e Davodi Blind Alley, No. 76, poshtbaro Alley, chahar baqh e paeen st, Isfahan

Kianpour Historical Lodge Is located in the posht baroo quarter. Charbaq paieen street , the central county of Isfahan that is in the Private ownership of Mr Hoshang kianpour with  National registration number 29426  , with an area of about 436 square meters and length width and height (6.5 * 17.5 * 27) and is kid of Home purebred Iranian architecture with features of four trellis  with Myansra.

Jahan Nama Hotel

Javid Street, Hafez Street, Shiraz

Three star Jahan Nama Apartment Hotel was established in 2017 so the amenities and facilities are modern and in line with the latest standards.

Khan Neshin Traditional Lodge Isfahan

Khan Neshin Traditional Lodge

Azhiha alley, No 9 alley, Valiasr St, Isfahan

Khan neshin hotel is a historic and old house in the center of old texture of Isfahan, is ready to host every person that wants to have a memorable travel to Isfahan.

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